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Content Creation

For the business owners looking for a full stock of quality footage and stills for their social media.

This highly anticipated offering includes a wonderful mixture of b-roll footage shot on iPhone, brand and product photography, and professional videography - all shot on location.

Batches of short, snappy video clips shot on iPhone

Professionally-shot clips using my DSLR camera

'behind the scenes' images of you in action

Product photos if applicable to your business

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If you struggle communicating with your audience through your social media content, or want to improve upon what you already produce, this is what you can look forward to during one of our sessions:


The aim of these sessions is to arm you with enough content to last, adding ease into running your social media accounts.

Content creation sessions are available for two hours at £185, or full session (up to four hours) at £325.

Each business is unique and if neither of these packages are quite what you're looking for, I'd recommend reaching out for a friendly chat to discuss your ideas.

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