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benefits of product photography

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

it wouldn't be right that I continued to put my work out there just for the 'aesthetic' of Instagram, when there are actual benefits to product photography that I should really shine a light on. I probably don't speak about this enough, but here are some reasons why I think investing in this service really is key:

the photographer really genuinely cares about portraying your products in the best light. We want your products to look amazing, and we want you to feel proud when you use them.

  1. They are professionally shot images of a really high quality. You won't get any pixelated shots over here.

  2. The 'feel' and colours of your product shoot can be aligned to your current brand aesthetics. They should fit in seamlessly with your work, not leave you needing a re-brand.

  3. You can use your product images in so many places. Websites, Etsy page, social media, email campaigns, offline marketing materials. The list is endless.

  4. Sales! It's not all about money, I know. But if you use social media to drive traffic to your website and generate sales, you need to have quality images of your products that people will resonate with and want to buy.

If you'd like to see my previous work with some amazing clients and products, click here. Alternatively if you have any questions about product photography or what I do, you can contact me here.

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